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Afghan airstrike

Apparently, the U.S. is still bombing Afghanistan. Yesterday at midnight, the U.S. (and “coalition forces”) made a surprise airstike in southern Afghanistan. The U.S. military’s official numbers say 20 “members of Taliban” were killed, and possibly 60 more. What was the cost? Again the U.S. military says 16 civilians were killed, eyewitnesses and local doctors say its more like 30. Why were so many civilians killed? Cause the US hit “Islamic religious schools or Madrassa and homes in which Taliban fighters had taken up position.” What the eff… that’s so messed up…

And whats more messed up–is the U.S. media really covering this? Have you all heard about this? This just happened yesterday, and I was out of town, so I’m not sure if it was covered at all. A Google news search shows that the media is talking about it, but I didn’t see a word about it on my replacment-for-a-newspaper-personalized-Google-homepage. So either my replacement for a newspaper isn’t doing so great at that, or people are more interested in the last two contestants on American Idol than what’s going on in the world today.