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Check out this article from a few months ago. Here’s an excerpt:

“What we do know is that human nature–men’s and women’s–is widely variable and responsive to social structures and institutions. Either we can build structures to promote equality and foster egalitarianism, or we can continue to bolster and reward toxic forms of masculinity.

It’s long past time for a national conversation about unreflective masculinity as a public-health issue. Hyperaggression creates a world of relentless violence, from the intimate to the global–wars for domination not liberation, rape and battery, schoolyard bullying. While women are capable of violence as well, the vast majority of the world’s violent crimes is perpetrated by men.

The masculinists are right to point out that men are in trouble. But for all of men’s stoic emotional repression, they do not suffer those troubles in silence but instead visit them upon the world.”

What I’m listening to right now:

Karsh Kale, Broken English–This is Karsh Kale’s third album, and he’s definitely trying new things. His first track is overlayed with tinges of rock and hip hop, mixed with distorted south asian language vocals. It sounds HOT. Later on in the CD, he returns to what was more similar to the sound he established over the past few records. There are a few tracks that make me just jump out of my chair they’re so hot. Two tracks featuring super mellowed down beats, with a sitar soloing over the entire tracks. Shit sounds SWEEEEET!!! It’s on.