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Pics from Peace Fest

Check out some pics from the Peace Festival we danced at on Sunday. It turned out to be a really cool event. It was a beautiful day out, with a nice, warm crowd of people–some coming and going, others sitting and watching. An ice cream truck passed by a few times. Lol, it was cool. Sheena’s family came out, and a few of her friends came out too, some of which I hadn’t seen since proly last summer. So it was cool catching up. We got a lot of really cool feedback about our piece, a lot of people said that it was really beautiful, and very powerful. One woman, Monique, told me she hoped to see us do our piece more often, cause she felt that it was something more people needed to hear. I met this kid Spirit Child who threw down a few really tight conscious hip hop tracks, and he hooked Sheena and I up with a few of his CDs and stuff, cause he was really excited about our piece. That was awesome. I also met this kid Fahd from DRUM–Desis Rising Up and Moving–a group of Desi progressives out in New York. That was the first time another fellow Desi called me ‘brother.’ That was cool.

I’m still so super pumped about winning that Jeff Award, too. CRAZY. I’ve got a few things brewing right now though. We’re planning the next maahaul house concert in July, we’re redoing The Masrayana for one-night at Chitrahar Night at the end of the July, and I’m reading at a Rapid Fire Reading on Friday. Crazy…