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Content Management Systems

I’m working on reworking my website a bit, but after all is said and done, hopefully not too much that’ll be noticeable to the user will change. None of the content will change, and the design might look a little sharper, but mainly what I’m trying to do is see if I can manage all the content on my whole website through a Content Management System. I’ve tried making stuff like this on my own before, and I’ve designed stuff on my site so I could start building towards making my own CMS, but there’s so many open source projects out there already that are really damn good, why reinvent the wheel? I’m messing around with TextPattern right now. It looks like I’ll be able to use it for most of my site, but for the Pics section, I’d really like to use something that can make uploading and formating my pictures really easy, and maybe implement something like Lightbox JS , while still allowing me to organize my pictures in the same way, and allow people to make comments and whatnot.

So far I’ve got the ARTist and WORKer section of my site working, check it out so far. It’s sweet, cause to add stuff to these sections, I won’t have to modify my html files manually. It’s all driven from a database that I use a simple web page to update, much like how I programmed my own blog. :P Let me know what y’all think of the slightly modified look. It looks totally JACKED in Internet Explorer, but SWEEET in Firefox, which you should be using anyway…