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World Cup

A few friends and I have been getting together Saturday mornings to watch World Cup soccer, and it’s been pretty sweet. I’ve never watched too much soccer. I just remember I enjoyed it a lot when we played in gym class in high school, and over a summer while I was in college, a few friends of mine would get together at the field of the church across the street from my parent’s house and play midnight soccer games on the weekends. There was no order to these games, we just kicked the ball back and forth a bunch and pretended we were hardcore. But that’s what made it such a great time!

The few games we’ve been able to catch have been pretty intense. It’s also been a decent opportunity for us to check out some local neighborhood bars around our area, cause we all live around Logan Square. We checked out one place called The Art of Sports near Diversey and Western, another place on the actual square, then another place a little further west on pulaski. It’s been pretty cool, and the type of people who hang out at a bar on a saturday morning are a pretty interesting group of folks. :P

There’s a handful of desi’s playing professional soccer, but only one I think who’s gonna be playing in the World Cup. Check out what some peeps are saying about him.