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On Sunday night, me and Angel threw my girlfriend a surprise birthday party at her apartment in New York. It was crazy, she had NO idea, outside of a really, really small suspicion that she couldn’t validate. So when we got there, she almost leaped through the ceiling when Angel open the door to her apartment and a crowd of my girl’s friends yelled ‘surprise!!!’ Lol, it was crazy, and a lot of fun. A bunch of her friends from college came by, her roommate from grad school came, some of her roommates from her internship in Boston came out, her family came out, all these people living in nearby states mind you. So it was cool seeing all these people together at one time. Afterwards we went to this cool billiards bar in Queens, and played some pool and some ping-pong. I haven’t played ping pong in forever. I remember my first few years out of high school, me and a few buddies used to get together at my friend Fivel’s house and play ping pong in his basement for hours. It was cool as hell seeing a ping pong table at a bar. I gotta find a place in chicago that has one. Anyone out there know of one?