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No more tamales...

On my street, there used to be this woman, Maria, who had a big yellow umbrella outside the entryway to her house. Every morning, summer or winter, she’d have two coolers, and a few big gatorade jugs out, and she’d be chilling out there. People walking by, and even people making special trips in their cars would stop by and pick up some of her tasty tamales and her rich and thick Mexican hot chocolate. I had some on quite a few occassions, she had plain cheese tamales that she knew I was always getting cause I was vegetarian, and she’d always insist I needed to eat more than I was getting from her cause I was so thin. Lol.

The past few weeks she hasn’t been outside in the mornings, so I wasn’t sure if she was on vacation, or had a family emergency or something. But yesterday morning I saw some triangle flag banners in her front yard, a ‘for sale’ sign up on her front fence. I’m not sure exactly why she’s selling, but either way, she won’t be around selling her home made tamale’s anymore. I’ll proly talk to her to see where she’s moving, so I can try to stop by every now and again to pick up some tamales. Worthless.