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Michigan and responses

I went up to Michigan to visit a buddy Ajit Saturday night, we chilled in Ann Arbor, stayed up late jammin a little, chillin and watchin movies, then came back the next day. It was a good trip, but too short. This coming weekend I’m going up to Connecticut to visit my girlfriend along with my parents, so my parents and her parents are going to meet for the first time. CRAZY, and extremely exciting.

So, has anyone had any problems posting responses to my posts? I’ve noticed since I redesigned my site, responses have dramatically dropped off. Is it because my posts are no longer interesting? Or because there’s somethings functionally confusing about how to post a response? On the old system, you used to type up your response, hit post, and it would be live. But on the new system, after you hit the preview button, you’ll have a chance to see what your post will look like before you actually make it live. Is that at all confusing? Worthless.