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Where have I been?

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy. Two weeks ago, I got engaged, officially. We had a nice little puja at my parent’s house, and my uncle had everyone over to his place for dinner afterwards. So Sheena and her family got to meet all my family friends, and likewise. The puja was really nice, the priest who was officiating it was really good about translating everything he was saying, and the symbolism of what we were all doing for us, so we weren’t just going through the motions of the whole thing. And my whole family was together, so that was a blessing. That whole weekend, too, I had a slew of people staying over at my place. That was the first time I had so many people staying at my place! So that was an adventure.

Moreover, work’s been kickin my butt lately. I’ve been working extra hours and it’s really been wiping me out. We’re in the final phase of the one-year project I’m working on here, and it’s really getting to crunch time. So when I run into a problem, I had to troubleshoot and fix it like now or I’m worried I’ll start running behind on the project. So that’s been stressful… but we’re getting there, and luckily my immediate bosses are being supportive. I just don’t wanna let them down, cause it’s the end that makes the difference, not as much the means.

But I did make time to vote last week, that was exciting. there was a question on the ballot asking if I felt the Megamall that closed down down the street from me should be turned into a city-run park or giving to a private developer, proly for condos or chain stores or something. I voted for the park, and luckily 75% of the voters that voted agreed. So we’ll see what the city will do with that. I also went doorknocking on Devon that day to remind people it was election day and encourage them to vote, that was cool!

This past weekend I went to Florida for a wedding of one of Sheena’s family friends, and that was a lot of fun. We all stayed at her friend’s parents house, and they’ve been close friends to Sheena’s for a long time, so I got to meet them and stuff. Us young’ns went to a Miami Heat-Houston Rockets game, with Yoa Ming and Shaq playing. And the Rockets wailed on the Heat. Go Yoa. Also checked out the beach and around Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, cause the weather down there was gorgeous. In the 80s during the day, and 60s at night. Call me ‘jealousy.’

So lot’s of stuff has been going on.