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South Asian arts in Chicago, all over Myspace!

It all started with a friend Ramona, who created a Myspace page for Kriti. She spent a little time on it, and the next thing we know she’s got 500 friends. Hello! For myspace junkie’s out there, you might be like ‘uh, yea, nikhil, where have you been?’ but for a South Asian litereary conference that’s only planning its second conference, that’s a big deal! So after she had such success with her page, we created a page for Voices of Resistance, a South Asian political arts show happening the same weekend as Kriti. Then I’m like, ‘damn, I should make a Myspace page for maahaul,’ and another friend was like ‘I should create a Myspace page for ThirdI’ and Rasaka Theatre’s already got a page. So damn, before you know it, South Asian arts in Chicago is all over Myspace!!! :P