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I got a bike!

A friend of mine at work has been talking about buying a new bike for the past year. I’ve been telling him “dude, when you get a new bike, I’ll buy your old one off of you.” cause I wanted a bike, but didn’t want to drop a lot of money on brand new one, nor did I think I really needed a new off-the-shelf bike. I’d be perfectly fine with on that just works. So last week my buddy got his new bike, and yesterday he rode his old one to work so i could ride it home! Crazy. I haven’t ridden a bike in probably more than ten years. So first getting on it was so different. But I got the hang of it, and i made it all the way home. So I think I’m going to try to ride it to work a few days a week, as a way to get a little exercise. It’ll also be convenient to if I have to go places that aren’t easily accessible off the el, like if I wanna go to a friends place off the red line, or if I wanna pick something quick up from the grocery store or hardware store. Then I don’t have to drive, which is sweeeeeeeeeet!!