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Koi Mil Gaya and Afrika Bambaataa

I was at Subterranean a few months ago, and there was a small hip hop crew chillin there. Some dude was painting while a dj spun some dope records. The dj played a remix of Planet Rock by Afrika Bam, and it was only then that it hit me that the Bollywood movie Koi Mil Gaya ripped a sample off Afrika Bam!! Check out the beginning of this segment from the movie:


Then check out the beginning of Planet Rock:


Uh… hello?? It’s the same thing. Dre samples Lata Mangeshkar (Guinness Book holder or most recordings in the world) thinking no one would notice, then Rajesh Roshan samples Planet Rock (one of first electronicly produced songs ever, arguable launched hip hop and most forms of electronic music in one shot) presumably thinking no one would notice? Man, people got problems.