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Last time Sheena came into town, we were listening to a lot of Nirvana. Aaaaah the memories, of wearing flannel shirts over concert t-shirts and ripped jeans; of thrashing, moshing, and body-surfing and not calling it dancing; of first using our instruments as tools to make noise, then turning it into music. When we were in a band, Nirvana was one of Tolgar’s bigger influences, and we ended up doing a good handful of covers. Aneurysm, D7, and other b-sides and covers Nirvana did that no one ever heard of. Lol.

Nowadays I’m making music that’s more focused on purity of tone, and ridding all the nuances blips and squeaks that dirty up my sound. quite a contrast from yanking, banging, and thumping my strings between low rolling basslines. But Nirvana and loud noise will still hold a special place in my heart, so I’m sure I’ll turn into an old man that’ll associate the group with memories that the next generation will have no grasp of, and probably consider them “classic rock” or some lame genre term like that. Worthless.