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1 year?

Has it really been a year since I last updated this diary? Wow, time does fly. I stopped updating it last summer when things got really busy, cause I got married in the fall, which was really awesome. Life since then has been great, we went to Argentina for three weeks for our honeymoon, then packed Sheena’s car up and drove from the east coast to Chicago. Life in the same city has been fantastic, better than either of us could have imagined. We’re enjoying summer in the Chi, spending hours at the lakefront on the South Side with books in tow, sharing good food, seeing performances, doing all the things we wanted to do together while we were long-distance. We’re making our home our home slowly but surely, too. We just painted our living room and kitchen a few weeks ago, and are still getting some of our artwork up on the walls and whatnot. Oh yea, and we’re actually putting artwork on the walls! Our walls are happy.

We’ve also been shopping the farmers market that comes through the loop over the summers. It’s sweet being able to buy stuff, and actually being able to use it before it goes bad, now that two of us cooking and eating! We picked up some kale last time, that we’ve been cooking up with sesame oil and garlic on a friends recipe recommendation. Mmm-mmm good! The garlic we also picked up from the market, I never knew how great truly fresh garlic was.

We’re going to see The Dark Knight tonight, which I imagine is going to be freaking awesome. Here’s some teasers, in case you haven’t been up on it: